Your trip will be
valuable experience!

Travelers can get trip information.
And enjoy the video chat guide service.

3 steps to enjoy your trip with TMate

  1. Find Trip and the guide service
    You can find trip information by searching map around where you are or the trip list with filtering by keywords such as a place name. And some trips have the video chat guide service as you see a smartphone icon on the trip information.
  2. Apply for the video chat guide
    One you find a trip with the video chat guide service, you can check the schedule with the date and the start time. If it’s suitable for you, you can apply for it. After it’s confirmed by the TMate Master (Master), the reservation is completed. If there is no suitable schedule for you, you can ask the Master if the schedule could be adjusted for you by sending a message on the trip comment in the trip information.
  3. Enjoy the video chat guide!
    When it’s time to start, you start the video chat on the application to connect with the Master who support your trip or explain the spot with contents such as images and the location service.
    Please enjoy talking with the Master. 

    Note: * Internet connection is required for the service. Please get a SIM card for your smartphone in advance.

    Please check “User Guide” below how to operate the application.

<Image of video chat guide>

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