Your trip will be
valuable experience!

Tourist can get trip information.
And enjoy the video chat guide service.

3 steps to enjoy your trip with TMate

  1. Find Trip
    Trip information can be gotten from searching map and the list with filtering by words such as a place name. Spots information in the trip is provided with images, explanation, and location information on map.
  2. Apply for Video Chat Guide
    There is a video chat guide service in trip information provided by TMate Master. If you would like to apply for it, you can check date and time TMate master is available and make the reservation for it. Or you can start the video chat guide service immediately if it has   (GuideNow!) shown on it.
  3. Enjoy Video Chat Guide!
    When you start the video chat guide service, contents such as images are automatically displayed during the guide service and you can share your location on the map with TMate Master. Please enjoy conversation through the guide service. 

    Please check “User Guide” below how to operate the application.

<Image of video chat guide>

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