Site Policy

Website Policy of “TMate”

These “Website Policy of TMate” (hereinafter referred to as “This Policy”) is stated as terms and conditions of using of Website of “TMate” (hereinafter is referred to as “the Site”) that TMate. Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) operates.
This Policy shall be applied to any relationship between users of the Site (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) and the Company.
Minors shall use the Site with parental approval.

Article 1. (Agreement to This Policy, Range of Application)
1-1.	User shall acknowledge and agree with all articles of This Policy when he/she browse the Site and uses every services provided through the Site (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”).
1-2.	Any guidelines, cautions, terms, important notices sent by Email, policies, etc. (including Privacy Policy, and hereinafter referred to as “Guidelines”) that the Company provides for the Services should complement and constitute a part of This Policy.
1-3.	The Company deems that User has acknowledged and agreed with all provisions of This Policy when he/she visits and accesses multiple pages of the Site or uses the Service.
1-4.	“Time” which is both used in This Policy and Guidelines, and used for providing the Service in the Site is based upon “Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)”.

Article 2. (Outline of the Site, Conditions of Use)
2-1.	The Company offers information relevant to sightseeing to Users through the Site. Information relevant to sightseeing on the Site is provided by the users registered in the Service (hereinafter referred to as "Members"). User should acknowledge and agree with this and shall use the Site at his/her own risk.
2-2.	The Service is mainly provided for Members. To use all services of the Service, it is necessary to register as Member.
2-3.	In the case where User suffers damages, etc. by using all contents such as information and data, etc. provided through the Service (including information, etc. relevant to sightseeing posted by Member, hereinafter referred to as "Contents"), the Company assumes no responsibility for the damages. Also, the Company assumes no guarantee, etc. on the result of his/her using of the Contents.
2-4.	When User uses a service provided by a third party such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "External Service") of the Service, the user shall use the External Service for his/her own responsibility and cost. Also, User shall comply with the contracts, guidelines etc. presented by the operator of the external service at the time of using the External Service.

Article 3. (Exclusion of Liability)
3-1.	The Service shall be offered on an as-is basis. The company does not give any guarantee to Users about anything of the following.
(1)	The Service meets Users’ require and utilization purpose;
(2)	Contents are correct and trustable;
(3)	Connection via the Service will not be interrupted for any reasons;
(4)	Information sent or received through the Service is either stored in predetermined devices, normally sent and received, or displayed on the screen correctly;
(5)	The Service operates normally with all computer, smartphones, browsers, etc.;
(6)	All information relevant to the Service is displayed correctly on all computer, smartphones, browsers, etc.;

Article 4. (Copyright, Intellectual Property Right)
4-1.	Copyright, trademark right, and other intellectual property right that relates to the Site, the Service and the Contents shall belong to the Company or other right holder of the intellectual property right.
4-2.	The Company licenses User to use the Service and the Contents only when he/she uses the Service and the Contents within a scope of purpose of the personal use; provided, however, that this shall not apply to the case where he/she registers as “TMate Master” and offers his/her service, etc. to other Members for a fee.

Article 5. (Prohibition)
5-1.	User must not do any action of the following in using the Site and the Service.
(1)	To do act that may cause damage on the Company or any third party: such as hacking, sending of viruses, sending of spam mails, etc.;
(2)	To convert or alter programs etc. in the Site illegally;
(3)	To burden the server(s) that the Company uses for providing the Site and the Services (referred to as “Server”) intentionally: such as to download a huge amount of contents or data of the Services in a short time;
(4)	To use Contents for commercial purposes or unauthorized purposes;
(5)	To make third party use the Service and/or to use the Service for third party;
(6)	To violate the laws of Japan or laws of your country, or to do act that may violate the laws;
(7)	To do act that offenses against public order and morals or to do act that may offense against the public order and morals;
(8)	To input or send false information and declaration;
(9)	To cause damage on the Company and/or third party;
(10)	To defame and/or to slander the Company and/or third party;
(11)	To interrupt operating of the Site and the Services;
5-2.	When User uses the Contents, even though in the scope of the purpose of section 4-2, he/she must not do any actions of the following. 
(1)	To reproduce copies in large numbers beyond the scope of the personal use;
(2)	To distribute and/or to deliver to third party;
(3)	To reprint or to post to other website, blog, magazine, newspaper, etc.;
(4)	To upload onto the Web Server, etc. and to make transmittable;
(5)	To infringe copyright or other intellectual property right of the Company;

Article 6. (Method of Notice from the Company)
6-1.	Method of important notice that relates to operating the Site from the Company to User should be (unless otherwise provided for) by displaying on the Site and/or other method that the Company considers suitable.
6-2.	Notice displayed on the Site should conclude at the time of completion of displaying on the Site.
6-3.	In the case where the Company gives notice to User, unless otherwise adverse claim, the Company deems that User has agreed to the notice at the declaration day.

Article 7. (Treatment of Information regarding Users’ privacy)
7-1.	The Company does not collect information regarding Users’ privacy (include, but not be limited to, personal information) through the Site; provided, however, that this shall not apply to the case where User enrolls as Member of the Service, sends query to the Company, or inputs his/her personal information by using any services on the Site.
7-2.	In the case where User has input or provided his/her personal information to the Company by the provisional clause of previous section, the Company manages and uses the personal information based upon “Privacy Policy” on the Site appropriately.
7-3.	Some advertisements and information on the Site are displayed by using behavioral targeting advertising system that third party provides such as Google AdSense, etc. The advertisements, etc. are displayed by using cookie.
7-4.	User is able to hide or remove the behavioral targeting advertising on the Site either by disabling cookies in his/her browser, or by opting out via the webpage associated with providing the behavioral targeting advertising. In addition, User shall take self-responsibility for the change of setting, etc., and the Company assumes no liability and responsibility for all damages arising from his/her change the setting, etc.

Article 8. (Preparation of Device, Equipment)
8-1.	The Site is provided to User via internet. User shall set up and operate every devices, communication tool, software, etc. to connect and use the Site and the Service properly on his/her own responsibility and expense.
8-2.	User shall acknowledge and agree that packet communication fees, etc. may accrue to connect and use the Site and the Service. In addition, User shall pay all of the packet communication fees, etc.

Article 9. (Interruption/Termination of the Site and/or the Service)
9-1.	The Company is able to temporarily suspend, change, terminate, etc., part or all of the Service at its discretion. In addition, the Service may be interrupted due to the occurrence of force majeure such as natural disasters.
9-2.	The Company accepts no liability for any damage of Users arising directly or indirectly from the temporary interruption or the termination of the Service.

Article 10. (Jurisdiction/Governing Law)
10-1.	This Policy and Guidelines, etc. are governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws and regulations of Japan.
10-2.	In the event of a dispute, etc. relating to This Policy and Guidelines, etc., the Kagoshima District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.
10-3.	Translations of the Japanese version of This Policy shall be provided for Users’ convenience only. If difference or contradiction between the translation versions and the Japanese version exists, the Japanese version of This Policy shall prevail.

Article 11. (Change of This Policy)
11-1.	The Company is able to change This Policy without any prior notice toward User.
11-2.	In the case where the Company changes This Policy, the Company is able to conclude at the time of completion of displaying on the screen of the Site.
11-3.	User should check This Policy every time he/she accesses and uses the Site. In the case where User uses the Site and the Service after the change of This Policy, the Company deems that User acknowledge and agree with the change of This Policy.

Establishment Date: January 25th, 2017
Revision Date: November 3rd, 2017
Revision Date: December 20th, 2018