Share your knowledge,
guide your trips

TMate Master can provide trip information
and the video chat guide service on it.

3steps to provide Video Chat Guide

  1. Create a trip
    You can create trip information as you have TMate Master membership. Please provide it as your travel note or a suggested trip course. You can create a trip with spots made by images, explanations, location information, and its route.
  2. Accept Video Chat Guide application
    You can provide a video chat guide service on your created trip. You set the date and time you are available for it from TMate Master meunu, or you can provide the service immediately (GuideNow!) whenever you are available.
  3. Perform Video Chat Guide service
    Once you received the guide application from TMate member, you can make it confirmed. When the start time of the guide service comes, you will prepare for it whenever TMate can join to it and give your guide service about the trip. Please enjoy the conversation with TMates.

    Please check “User Guide” below how to operate the application.
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