Share your knowledge,
guide your trips

TMate Master can provide trip information
and the video chat guide service on it.

3steps to provide a video chat guide service

  1. Create a trip
    You can create trip information as you have TMate Master membership. Please provide it as your travel note or a suggested trip course. The trip information is consisted of image, location information, explanation and the route.
  2. Make your schedule and accept the application
    You set the dates and the start times when you are available for the video chat guide service. Once you received an application from a TMate (traveler), you confirm it to complete the reservation.
  3. Perform your video chat guide
    When the start time of the guide service comes, you will open the video chat guide function of the application and wait for the TMate joins to it. When the video chat is started, you give your guide service about the trip.
    Please enjoy the conversation with travelers.

    Please check “User Guide” below how to operate the application.
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