There is a world you do not know yet!

Traveling is fun by itself, but do not you want to know your trip well?

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What’s TMate?

TMate (Trip-Mate) is Video Chat Guide service for travelers.

With TMate, you can enjoy the trip information with sightseeing spots. In addition to that, there may be times when you would like to ask someone who knows the spots well at the travel destination. In TMate app, we match such a traveler and a guide, and we can provide the guide service by the video chat guide function of the application so that the guide can be performed at any time from a remote place.

You can enjoy the video chat guide service which shows you an icon   on trip information.

You can plan your trip by looking at the trip information and you can have a good conversation with locals at the video chat guide service on your journey. 

Let’s have fun in your trip with TMate!

(In TMate, members who can use the guide service are called “TMate” (Trip-Mate). Also, the member who provides the guide service is called “TMate Master”.)

TMate offers you things below

  1. Enjoy your trip
    (”TMate” member) 
    Tourist can enjoy trip information and TMate member after registering the membership can enjoy the video chat guide services which TMate master provides.・・・See the detail

  2. Provide Video Chat Guide for travelers
    (”TMate Master” member)
    TMate master member can make trip information easily and publish it. And the video chat guide service can be provided for other TMates.・・・See the detail
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